Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)

A Computer has a lot of components inside. Together they all work together to give us an amazing system that we can do so much on. We can’t really begin to appreciate everything a computer can do until we can fully understand how all the internal hardware inside works together. This is why I decided that the easiest way to begin learning together is to focus on each component inside one at a time and slowly piece together everything about until we have built a working knowledge on that particular component.

If we were to do this for each component we would have a better understanding of computer hardware. We may even go in depth about building computers in the future!

How will this work?

I want to run this blog as a place to share knowledge found all over the world about computers. So I will do my research and you can do yours and this is where it will all be shared. Everything I find I will take that knowledge and share it with you in simplistic ways that hopefully you can understand. My goal is to put all these wonderful resources (websites, images, videos etc) into one place, this blog, so this information can be easy to access and understand.

To begin the Hardware exploration I am going to start with the PC case. We will begin by going in depth with he type of cases, companies that sell cases etc. Enjoy!