So we have come to the conclusion that you are a computer geek or that you inspire to be one, great we can finally move on.  Now we need to work on a few important factors before we can proceed. What is it that you feel deep inside that motivates you?

You need to really think about this because in order to continue along this journey with me you need to make sure you have a few concepts in mind. For instance I have decided that computing is an area of study I am passionate about, as well as blogging. So why not mix the two together? So in order to really allow myself to take the much needed steps to begin my learning journey I realized that I needed:

1. Patience

2. Confidence

3. Determination

4. Motivation

5.Time Management

6. Organized Goals and Aspirations

Of course if I wanted to I could keep this list going and going, but let us try to be somewhat reasonable here. Although I am a perfectionist I know that I am not perfect, but this is a great start. You should make sure that if you do not have all six of these that you at least make sure you have some sort of “working motivation”.

What is “working motivation”? Working motivation would be easily defined as a strong urgency or desperate, yet sane, feeling of reason to do something (in our case learn something). I have motivation because I have developed an immense passion for computers. A passion that urges me not only to learn as much as I can about them, but as long with a passion that urges me help others learn as well.

If you do anything before we continue on I urge you to develop some sense of working motivation. If your motivation doesn’t work, in other words is broken, you may find yourself stuck at some point because you don’t have enough drive to push you along. I wouldn’t want you to get stuck. Although the other five are important I believe that without motivation the rest have no chance.

So stop doing whatever you are doing, (God forbid it isn’t important), and write down (yes write it down, I mean if you can read you should be able to write. right?) what motivates you to learn in general. Then after about a minute start to get more specific about what makes you want to learn about computers. If you can get down more than a few sentences worth, you may have just enough motivation. If not try again and keep trying. Motivation is important. Either way, I hope you feel more encouraged about your learning journey than you did before you read this. Let the learning begin!

Here is a great quote that always motivates me!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

I would hope that this blog encourages everyone to not only read and remember topics about computers, but more importantly inspire you to get involved.